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HH Cable Network Pvt Ltd Services, operational as HH Cable Network Pvt Ltd Home was commercially launched in late 2017 and is the wholly owned subsidiary of Tier-1 Operator HH Cable Network Pvt Ltd Associates. It is the only company backed by Tier-1 international network operator in Pakistan.

  • Superfast and ultra-reliable.
  • Browse and download around the clock.
  • Our fastest ever router.
Our Broadband Services
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unlimited speed
The Speed You Need

Our Broadband is up to 6 times faster than other standard broadbands. As you can see from how fast you could download an album, our average speeds of 63Mbps.

  • HD Movie


    Superfast 1 - 35Mbps
    Average Speed: 1min 30sec

  • HD Movie


    Superfast 2 - 63Mbps
    Average Speed: 45sec

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